Digital Preservation Tools from IT Innovation

We have developed software for archives and service providers who want to be able to plan for the future and have control through service level agreements, monitoring and automatic management systems.  Please watch the video below which explains how the tools cover the whole of the plan-do-check-act life-cycle.

The tools cover many aspects of the stack of services required for digital preservation, from storage and data processing workflows with MServe, service management using service level agreements with Ting and storage planning and optimisation using iModel and our web based model.

All these tools can be used in isolation, but they can work together to form a layered architecture for digital preservation as shown in the picture. Starting from the bottom we have:

  1. The application channel: here is where the user-facing services for "getting stuff done" reside. Ingest, access, running workflows, transcoding etc. MServe sits here and these services may make use of 3rd party resources as well.
  2. The management channel which monitors and manages the services below and deals with service level agreements for the users of the archive and for the 3rd party resources the archive has purchased. This is where Ting comes in.
  3. The archive operator: a real person is still essential! They need decision support tools to help plan the configuration of their archive and monitoring tools to understand how it is operating day to day. At this level we have two archive models for decision support:
    • a Simple Storage Planning Tool for high-level 'what should I do?' investigations
    • and iModel: a tool for conducting a more detailed analysis of costs, risks of loss, ingest, access, resource usage and migrations. iModel can be run in an interactive or batch mode.

These tools are under active development. We welcome the use of our tools and any feedback and suggestions for further development are warmly appreciated.

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