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iModel is an application used to simulate the operation of data storage systems. With the help of the simulation, the user can explore a set of possible storage system configurations, simulate their operation and, in the process, identify their operational costs and efficiency with regards to the data preservation goals he is interested in satisfying.

To achieve this, iModel supports two simulation modes:

  1. Interactive Mode where the user can monitor the simulated system performance through visual output and interactively influence the storage system operation through an exposed set of parameters.
  2. Batch Mode that does not expose visible user interface but instead can be used to set up and run a number of simulations in the background. This is useful for performing statistical analyses and optimisation tasks (e.g. identifying the most efficient model configuration).

To explore a wide range of possible storage system configurations (with varying costs, resources and services), the tool is provided with an intuitive configuration wizard that enables the user to set up custom model configurations.

To learn more about iModel operation, its configuration and simulation features, please follow the links below.

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