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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
83 BugNewNormalBug in log file time2012-07-30 04:49 pm
82 BugNewNormalLog file uses inconsistent terminology and units2012-07-30 04:48 pm
81 FeatureNewNormalSupport non-integer archiveFileSize < 1GB2012-07-30 04:45 pm
73 FeatureNewNormalSupport storage migration Mariusz Jacyno2012-05-30 12:44 pm
72 FeatureNewNormalUpdate GUI (separate ingest, access, storage and model configuration wizards)Mariusz Jacyno2012-05-30 12:41 pm
71 BugNewNormalnumber of lost assets does not increase monotonically throughout storage migration operationsMariusz Jacyno2012-05-30 09:47 am
70 BugResolvedNormalDuring storage migration file access should be directed to whichever generation of storage a particular file is on.2012-05-30 09:46 am
69 BugResolvedNormalConfiguration wizard should save all generations for a storage system in a single file which would prevent any confusion. It should also prefix these configurations to make them easily distinguishable.2012-05-30 09:45 am
68 BugResolvedNormalConfiguration wizard saves model templates (for individual storage system) as individual storage templates2012-05-30 09:44 am
67 BugResolvedNormalconfiguration wizard does not work correctly for two and three storage system configurations2012-05-30 09:41 am
66 BugResolvedNormalConfiguration wizard bug displaying wrong status message2012-05-30 09:32 am
65 BugResolvedNormaltranscoding during migration across storage systems is not optional2012-05-30 09:30 am
64 BugResolvedNormalmigration across storage systems does not work for two storage system configuration2012-05-30 09:27 am
61 BugNewNormalWe need to separate the configuration, the output and the actual binariesMariusz Jacyno2012-05-28 02:38 pm
60 BugResolvedNormalmigrate all files from selected storage system (not only files that were initially created on the system)Mariusz Jacyno2012-05-30 09:31 am
56 BugNewNormalBar chart in storage system view is unreadableMariusz Jacyno2012-05-02 01:19 pm
55 BugResolvedNormal"Save existing configuration template as new" is confusingMariusz Jacyno2012-04-28 04:29 pm
54 BugNewNormalProblem starting iModelMariusz Jacyno2012-04-27 11:02 am
29 FeatureNewNormalAdd access corruption that spans over more than a single file (for example corruption of the whole LTO tape)Mariusz Jacyno2012-02-29 04:23 pm
28 FeatureNewNormalRe-introduce and update catastrophic events panel (during testbed people were interested in this feature)Mariusz Jacyno2012-02-29 04:22 pm
25 FeatureNewNormalGUI has duplicate panels for configuration wizard and run-time display – we could have just one panel used for configuration and run-time management.Mariusz Jacyno2012-02-29 04:16 pm
24 FeatureNewNormalIn setup (configuration) mode - expose the GUI that allows the users to specify multiple different ‘groups’ of files according to their mean size and deviationMariusz Jacyno2012-02-29 03:59 pm
14 BugResolvedNormalnot all asset copies are corrupted (always 11 elements remain uncorrupted)Mariusz Jacyno2012-04-28 04:30 pm
3 BugNewNormalWindow size on multi-monitor linux setups2012-05-15 10:10 am
2 FeatureNewNormalCommand line parameters2011-09-21 04:33 pm

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