Copyright: 2010 University of Southampton, IT Innovation Centre


Generally, a program that uses the Ting library will either bundle it or depend on it. Consult the documentation for the software you want to run in that case.

These instructions explain how to run the library's unit-tests.

Windows/Mac OS X (Manual install)

The library is written in E, a secure distributed programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. First, download and install the prerequisites from these locations:

Sun Java:
The E language:
  • Unpack the Ting package somewhere.
  • Make sure that the ''java'' command is in your PATH.
  • Set the location of E:
    • On Windows, set the E_HOME system variable to the location of the unpacked E directory.
    • On Mac OS X, set the $TING_CORE_RUNE_BIN environment variable to its location.
  • Copy hsqldb.jar into the ting-core/lib directory.

You can then run the self-test feature like this on Windows:

> test.bat

On Mac OS X, use:

$ ./run

Linux (Zero Install)

Using Zero Install, suitable versions of the prerequisites (Java, E and HSQLDB) will be downloaded for you automatically.

You can run the tests using 0test, which will handle downloading the dependencies automatically, and can be used to automatically test against various different combinations of library versions:

$ 0alias 0test
$ 0test Ting-core.xml

Note that you do not need to install 0test as root. Just make sure that you have a writeable ~/bin directory (it will tell you what to do if it's necessary).